Buying a house is scary. Buying your first home can be absolutely terrifying. Young families often jump into the process too quickly, without properly examining their goals and budget. This lack of preparation leads to unexpected costs, months of stress and confusion, and quite possibly, settling for a less than ideal home. We’re here to help untangle the process by educating you on the right questions to ask that will help prepare you—and your bank account—for your first home purchase.

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Picture Your Ideal Home

Buying a home can be a complicated endeavor, and jumping in early without clearly defining the life you wish to build can potentially lead to a costly mistake. Learn how to ask the right questions to fully understand your priorities for your first home.



Let’s Talk Money

After determining some priorities and goals as you gather your potential homes list, the next step is to get a realistic idea of not only what you can afford, but also what you can afford to maintain—even if things take a turn for the worse.



The Buyer’s Timeline

Get a complete scope of the entire home buying process, starting one year before you hope to start seriously shopping for your first home.  While you can certainly prepare yourself and your finances in less than a year, the more time you give yourself for this process, the better.