Home Remodeling Financing Options

joseph-disalvo / May 12th, 2017

Spring and summer are great seasons to make additions to your home, but many people are concerned about how to finance these projects. Did you know it is easier than you think? These are three popular avenues for homeowners to secure money for a home improvement or remodeling project: Home...

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How to step up your mortgage purchase game

Joseph Disalvo / April 4th, 2016

With the spring market getting an early head start it will most likely be a hot month for those selling in the next few months. If you are a buyer looking to purchase now it is important to differentiate your loan from the other guy making an offer.

Step 1 – Get …

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What Is Impacting Mortgage Rates?

Joseph Disalvo / December 16th, 2015

It has now been a few weeks since the election, and everyone is trying to predict what a Trump administration will mean for the economy. But it is really the ‘market’ and its impact on interest rates that is the best leading indicator. Investors view U.S. Treasury bills as the safest investment. If Treasury prices …

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IRA Investing Concerns

Ben Freshman / January 13th, 2015

Using real estate investments in your individual retirement account (IRA) is an attractive option for many investors. It can yield a greater return than traditional stocks and bonds, not to mention it’s a great way to diversify your portfolio. Plus, real estate is considered an inflation hedge, so you can generally expect it to increase …

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Should I hire a rental broker?

Joseph Disalvo / January 9th, 2015

Finding the right apartment takes dedication and a lot of research, which can be quite the burden if you’re working full-time or going to school. For this reason, many people turn to the expertise of a rental broker. These certified professionals make it easier to find an apartment or rental home when you don’t have …

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Homebuyers: How Lenders Assess Credit

John Hogen / December 16th, 2014

As you’re probably aware, most lenders use the FICO® scoring system to assess a homebuyer’s creditworthiness. This so-called “credit score,” which ranges between a low of 300 and a high of 850, quantifies your risk of defaulting on your mortgage. While some people dismiss the importance of maintaining good credit, it has a significant impact …

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