Home Remodeling Financing Options

joseph-disalvo / May 12th, 2017

Spring and summer are great seasons to make additions to your home, but many people are concerned about how to finance these projects. Did you know it is easier than you think? These are three popular avenues for homeowners to secure money for a home improvement or remodeling project: Home...

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Knowing When to Refinance

Jim Offutt / December 12th, 2014

Refinancing is a great way to lower your interest rate and consolidate debt, but it doesn’t always make financial sense for every homeowner. To help you determine whether you should refinance your mortgage, here are a few questions to consider.

How long will you stay in your home?

If you only plan to live in your house …

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How to Profitably Rent Out Your Home

Kristen Irons / November 26th, 2014

There are many benefits of turning your home into a rental property. Perhaps you’re looking for supplemental income, a tax break, or maybe you want the flexibility of delaying the sale of your home until market conditions improve. Regardless of the reason, you can profitably rent out your home by following these four tips.

1. Establish …

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How to Avoid Hiring Movers

Ben Freshman / November 15th, 2014

The average cost to hire a full-service moving company to pack and transport your belongings is about $12,230, yet 35 million Americans relocate every year. With rates this high, it’s no wonder so many people choose the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach when it comes to moving. After all, it can seem a little scary to entrust …

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5 Budget-Friendly Renovation Tips for New Landlords

John Hogen / November 1st, 2014

Do you need to renovate your rental property but you’re on a tight budget? Here are five tips that will help you remodel without “breaking the bank.”

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How to save for a house while renting

Joseph Disalvo / October 21st, 2014

It can seem nearly impossible to save for a house when a large portion of your income goes toward rent. But the truth is you can save for a down payment without having to make major changes to your lifestyle—all it takes is a savings plan and a little bit of discipline. If you’re ready …

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