In addition to making loans that are bought and sold in the marketplace, Continental Mortgage & Investment Corporation also has a portfolio product that we sell to those private investors looking for a steady income stream from a fixed income product. These loans offer the investor an income source that outpaces interest from your money sitting in your bank account or a CD without the uncertainty of the sometimes volatile trading that occurs in the stock markets.

Privately held investor loans, let opportunity come knocking

Continental Mortgage & Investment Corporation’s core investment products are equity loans, or loans that have a lower than average loan to value than common in the residential and commercial marketplace, that are real estate secured.  This ensures that our investors are protected from almost any drop in real estate values. Should it become necessary to foreclose on one of our loans sold to a private investor, your equity position will almost never be compromised. Please contact our vice president directly, as these loans are extremely specialized, and no two loans will be alike.