The TBD Purchase Program

DC Brownstones

Recently we began working with some of our lending partners on a pilot program to get buyers and sellers approved before they have found the house they want to buy. We call it our TBD Purchase Program, a new and valuable tool for anyone looking to buy a new home.

With the constant changes to mortgage lending including the Qualified Mortgage Standards launched earlier this year, it is more important than ever to make sure you are prepared for the new guidelines in the market place. Being preapproved is great, having a mortgage commitment as a borrower completely approved subject to a ratified contract is even better.

Continental Mortgage’s TBD Purchase Program is free for you, giving you a big advantage over those offers coming in that have not taken this extra step as well as putting you on even ground with the increasing number of all cash offers we are seeing in the market place. We will go beyond the standard pre-qualification and pre-approval letters and offer a full mortgage commitment so you know exactly what you qualify for with full underwriting approval, and in most cases subject only to a ratified sales contract and completed appraisal. The TBD Purchase Program removes the anxiety and shortens the time waiting on a loan approval while putting you in a position to close your loan faster. The ability to close in days gives you and a serious competitive advantage in the market place.

At Continental we always make customer service our number one priority. Our goal is to always get your closing on time with the least amount of stress possible and the best options in the market place like our TBD Purchase Program to give you a leg up in this competitive market.