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Joseph DiSalvo

Joe joined the staff of Continental Mortgage & Investment Corporation in 1996 as a loan officer and the mortgage industry has not been the same since. During his tenure at Continental, Joe has witnessed rates peak to double digits and drop to the lowest rates ever.  He has also been witness to the crash, the financial crash of 2007 and the housing bubble collapsing in 2009-2010.  Through all the turmoil he has managed to lead his clients to the best available mortgage products offered at the time helping many avoid the pitfalls of those down markets.  His belief in doing his best to exceed his clients’ expectations has earned him referrals from his clients many times over.

Joe believes in doing business locally as much as he can and encourages anyone he comes across to do the same.  He is available to help you with your mortgage needs and put his many years of experience to work for you.

Joe lives in the Delray neighborhood of Alexandria with his wife and two children. He likes to drive fancy cars, dine on Beluga caviar and is an avid Parkour participant. In his downtime, he enjoys going to the swamps of Louisiana hunting crocodiles. He also enjoys playing basketball and lays claim to being able to touch a ten-foot rim from a standstill many, many moons ago.